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Philippines Meteorites Map

Meteorites Found in the Republic of the Philippines - Map
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Meteorites Found in The Republic of The Philippines
v.1 C 2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth / USGS
A reader of  The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News has requested a meteorite map for The Philippines. Given time I was able to post this for him.  If you wish to request a map for your state, or country you may email me.



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records found for meteorites with places that contain "Philippines"
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Bondoc **

Mesosiderite-B4888.6 kg
Google Earth 

Stone-uncl2.4 kgGoogle Earth 
Paitan **

H6515 g
Google Earth 

Central Luzon,
L510.5 kgGoogle Earth 

H52.13 kgGoogle Earth 
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  1. The Benham plateau and seamount in the Philippines sea are both part of an impact crater/ring more than 90 miles across that blasted a huge hole at the base Philippines, ejecting the mass containing the Zhongshan islands while creating a large wrinkle in the South China Sea.

    About 55 million years ago a dirty snowball approximately 1000 mi. across and consisting of rocks, minerals and DNA rich space dust encased in lots of Ice, enters the atmosphere traveling about 20,000 miles per hour impacting, embedding and flattening itself out, in the land mass now known as China. Pushing up the tallest mountain range (the Himalayas) and forming the highest (Tibetan) plateau on Earth while depositing much of its sand laden water over two major flows at either end of the crescent shaped impact crater/mountain range and becoming the Anatolian peninsula (Asia) on the left while linking China and India to Africa by way of forming the land bridge referred to as the Middle East as well as blanketing much of northern China, Mongolia and a little into Russia with its run-off. The force and weight are so enormous that they conspire to compact the top layers of earth into a double thick crust beneath the Tibetan plateau.

    Roughly 43 million years ago another comet of similar size smacks the earth from nearly the exact opposite direction.
    This one (also in its opposite fashion) hits water, ejecting massive amounts of ocean floor in the form of debris across the pacific basin including a splatter too large to be accepted as such, but none the less, there it is.
    Upon impact the comet flattened out, blanketing much of the energy produced and forming the 'No Hot spot' Central Volcanos on the way to becoming the flattest continent on earth packed full of Geonomalies and surrounding itself three quarters of the way around with wrinkles in a manor found nowhere else on earth and simply categorized as subduction zone through plate tectonics by those who did not have access to the marvelous tool of GOOGLE EARTH and other Satellite imaging/mapping technologies and the ability to step Way-back for the view that brings it all into perspective.
    This comet hit so hard it caused the Emperor Seamount 'hot spot' to turn left over sixty degrees after splitting into three or more 'mini hot spots, and re-converging into the 'Hawaiian hot spot' spitting out islands along the chain for millions of years clear out to the state of Hawaii, which is still attempting to curve back around towards its original southern trajectory today.
    These two culprits alone carried enough water to raise the sea level by many hundreds of feet World wide.

    Resembling an Airport with the runways forming an Arrow, there's a pattern on the floor of the Gulf of California (Baja) about a third of the way in from the Pacific. This arrow pattern is approximately 100 miles across and points directly at the Giza Plateau, passing very near a number of ancient sites like Athens when a straight line is followed around the globe.
    I can also show you the largest monuments EVER created by mankind (?) sitting 6000 ft. deep beneath the waves. Resembling an Airport with the runways forming an Arrow, there's a pattern on the floor of the Gulf of California (Baja) about a third of the way in from the Pacific. (26*45'11.36"N 110*34'01.13"W)The Airport pattern is approximately 100 miles across and the Arrow points all the way around the world to the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau before passing very near a number of ancient sites like Athens when a straight line is followed. Accompanying the arrow are a couple of profile busts that defy comprehension. The Whole Pyramid complex would fit into either of these guys eyes. Go ahead call my bluff, look at GOOGLE EARTH with an open mind to the possibility
    I am The Armchair Geologist known as STEFAN MARC SCOTT, a seeker of knowledge pertaining to our world, past, present and future.