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Saudi Arabia Meteorites and Impact Crater Map - النيازك من السعودية جزيره العرب

Saudi Arabia Meteorites and Impact Crater Map with KMLs - النيازك من السعودية جزيره العرب
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النيازك من السعودية جزيره العرب
Saudi Arabia Meteorites and Impact Crater Map with KMLs
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36 records found for meteorites with places that contain "Saudi Arabia"
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Abar al' Uj 001

2008Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH3.8194.3 g
Google Earth 
1961Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH590 kgGoogle Earth 
al-Ghanim (iron)
1960Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaIron, IIIAB500 gGoogle Earth 
al-Ghanim (stone)
1960Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaL63.76 kgGoogle Earth 
1955Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH411.45 kgGoogle Earth 
Al Rais **
Y1957Al Madinah, Saudi ArabiaCR2-an160 g
Google Earth 
Alkhamasin **
1973Ar Riyad, Saudi ArabiaIron, IIAB1.2 t
Google Earth 
1955Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaIron462 gGoogle Earth 
Saudi ArabiaDoubtful stone
1954Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaStone-unclGoogle Earth 
1960Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaL55.86 kgGoogle Earth 
1961Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaL4935 gGoogle Earth 
Bir Hadi
1958Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH5855 gGoogle Earth 
Y1910Tabuk, Saudi ArabiaL3.7-66.1 kgGoogle Earth 
Kaaba **
1772Makkah, Saudi ArabiaDoubtful stoneGoogle Earth 
1973Ar Riyad, Saudi ArabiaIronGoogle Earth 
1932Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaIron8 gGoogle Earth 
Qulumat Nadqan 001
2008Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaL3.713.9 kg
Google Earth 
Ras Tanura **

1961Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH66.1 g
Google Earth 
Rub' al-Khali 001
1955Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH5490 g
Google Earth 
Rub' al-Khali 002
1955Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaL655 g
Google Earth 
Rub' al-Khali 003
1957Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaIron18 g
Google Earth 
South Dahna
1957Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaIron, IAB complex275 kgGoogle Earth 
Suwahib (Adraj)
1932Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaL4118.1 gGoogle Earth 
Suwahib ('Ain Sala)
1932Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH6106.1 gGoogle Earth 
Suwahib (Buwah)
1931Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH3.8-an241 gGoogle Earth 
Tathlith **
Y1967'Asir, Saudi ArabiaL62.5 kg
Google Earth 
Um Habib **
1960Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaL6696 g
Google Earth 
Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaMesosiderite15.4 kgGoogle Earth 
Umm Tina
1932Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaL670.2 gGoogle Earth 
1863Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaIron, IIIAB2.55 tGoogle Earth 
Wabar [crater] **
poss. fell 1863Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaImpact CraterGoogle Earth 
Yabrin 001
2008Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaLL565.2 g
Google Earth 
Yabrin 002
2008Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaH546.3 g
Google Earth 
Yabrin 003 **
2008Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi ArabiaAcapulcoite21 g
Google Earth 
Yafee Mountains
Saudi ArabiaPseudometeorite
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Source- Meteoritical Bulletin

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